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Information regarding Covid-19

In these Corona times, many of us are worried. We have opened our hostel and have made adjustments to take care of and protect the health of guests and staff in the best way. In our spacious premises it is easy to keep distance and in addition there are several outdoor seats and lovely walking paths along the sea and over cliffs and mountains so that you cant make sure to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Measures taken at the accommodation facility

• We have reinforced our procedures for cleaning and hygiene.
• We inform guests about the importance of washing your hands and keeping a distance according to FHM guidelines. Hand disinfection is available to our guests in public areas.
• Regular disinfection of frequently used areas such as door handles, card machines, the reception desk, public toilets/showers, guest kitchens, electrical sockets and other areas that many guests use on a regular basis.
• Avoiding  queues at check-in.
• Staff with cold symptoms will not be working.
• We offer free cancellation up until 48 hours 

Measures taken for handling food

Breakfast plate instead of breakfast buffet
• More seats outside and more BBQs in the garden
• We have more food offerings in our café with simple dishes
• Restaurants nearby are offering take-out food
• We offer home delivery of food for 200kr per order
• Possibility to pre-order groceries from ICA Skutan in Hamburgsund. We pick up your groceries for 200 kr/order.

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