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About the House

this is noiceland.

The property our B&B and hostel is located in tells an exciting story. It was built in the middle of the 19th century in Kville, 1.5 km from Heestrand. At that time it was used as housing for agricultural students. In 1913 the house was moved to Heestrand. It was then used as housing for stonemasons who immigrated from the south and worked in Heestrand's large quarry "Sibirien". The stone industry was enormous in Bohuslän during this time and there was a huge need for housing. This was probably one of the reasons why the large house was worth moving. When the stone industry was closed down, a sewing factory started in the house and before it became a hostel, it was also used as a mechanical workshop. It was not until 1990 that the house was used as a hostel in the growing tourism industry. The property therefore has a very rich and interesting history.

We are proud to present our guests with a genuine Bohuslän experience! You can still visit the quarry by taking a lovely walk along the sea, an experience you won't regret!

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