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Massage & Relax

this is noiceland.

Our surroundings and our facility are perfect for relaxation and in our ground floor there is a relaxation area with a sauna. If you want to treat yourself to something extra, there is the possibility to book a massage in connection to the relaxation area. You only have one body, so don't wait to take care of it.

Genom Tid för Massage kan du boka en avslappnande eller behandlande massage. Massagerummet är placerat intill relaxavdelningen så kombinera den gärna med en värmande bastu. Massageterapeuten Marie Abrahamsson är certifierad och utbildad inom svensk klassisk massage och regndroppsmassage. 

You can book a relaxing or therapeutic massage. The massage room is located next to the relaxation area so you can combine it with using the sauna. The massage therapist Marie Abrahamsson is certified and trained in Swedish classical massage and raindrop technique.

In addition to softening stiff muscles, research has shown that massage has several beneficial effects such as:

- Strengthens the immune system
- Increases the level of oxcytocin
- Has asoothing effect on the nervous system
 - Reduces pain
- Lowers blood pressure
- Lowers the level of stress hormone

Our sauna can be booked exclusively for your party. The price for 2 hours is 500 kr. During the summer months, a drop-in sauna is offered during certain times for 60 kr/ person. Contact us for more information.

For more information about different treatments, bookings, prices etc. click on the booking button or call Marie on: 070-288 10 27