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this is noiceland.

Hike in an archipelago surrounding, over cliffs or through forests. Bohuslän's nature offers varied hiking in scenic and historic surroundings. Ask at the reception area at Kustnära B&B & Conference and we will help you find the hidden gems. It is also possible to book lunch packages from us that you can take with you on the trip or book our transfer service to walk between two places.

In Heestrand, just outside our hostel, there are many walking paths along the sea with historical elements from the time when the stonemason era had its heyday in Heestrand. In our reception area there is a map with recommended roads marked with everything from 2-10 km.

Valöns nature reserve is a peninsula 5 km south of Heestrand. Here you can hike in scenic surroundings, through meadows and over red granite cliffs. The trails/hiking trails are not marked, but there are information boards at strategic locations. The hiking trail around the southern part is around 2-2.5 km long. An experience for the lush summer months and windy autumn or winter days.

Hamburgö, 5 km north of Heestrand, is a paradise for hiking and cycling and it is only a short ferry ride away. At the ferry terminal on Hamburgö, the trail Bergaleden starts, a 2.5 km long hike in a somewhat hilly terrain where you can choose to listen to descriptions of the environment and the history during the tour. Read more  här. Hamburgsund Infocentre also sells maps of Hamburgö with more paths of 4 km and 6 km marked out.

Soteleden-Kuststigen in the municipality of Sotenäs, about 10 km south of Heestrand offers many long hiking trails through varied forests, mountains and cliffs or hiking near the sea. The trails are marked with signs and/or blue or blue/white markings. More information and interactive maps are available here.

Go from point A to point B and use our transfer service that drives your company to the start of your hike and picks you up when you reach your final destination.

Read more and get inspired at Here you can also download maps for your hike.

Ramsvikslandet, around 20 km from Heestrand and just south of Hunnebostrand offers many hiking options, through green coastal meadows and over smooth granite in the nature reserve. The hiking trails are suitable for shorter walks or longer day hikes. The shortest trail is 1.5 km and the longest 15 km. Map and more information about the routes can be found here.

Vandring i Världsarv, Tanumshede, around 30 km from Heestrand 
Vandring i Världsarv is a 6 km long trail that takes you to 3 different places with exciting rock carvings. Read more here.

Vitingeleden, Bullaren, about 40 km from Heestrand 
Be fascinated by waterfalls and untouched wilderness along the beautiful Vitingeleden in Bullaren. The trail is 10 km long and stretches from Sundshult to Stampebron. Parking and start at Sundshult's bathing area. From the bathing area you go east towards the waterfall and the old stone bridge. This is where the trail starts- with a detour along the river. Then follow the blue markings.

Use our transfer service that drives your company to the start of your hike and picks you up when you reach your final destination.

Through Kustnära B&B & Conference you can order:
Transfer service for 500 kr for each party up to 4 people. We drive to the parking lot at the end of the trail and also to the start of the hike.

Lunch package from breakfast for 100 kr/person
Make your own lunch bag from the breakfast. Sandwiches, eggs, fruit and a thermos with coffee or water for tea.

Picninc basket for 145 kr/person
Sandwich, fruit, cake or chocolate, drinks, coffee

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